Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Need a New Doctor? Check Out Before Your First Check-up

I don't often use this personal blog to promote my work, but felt the following link to one of my recent entrepreneur profiles was relevant to my ongoing mission here.

The subject is Mitch Rothschild, who is CEO of an Internet company called The site lists all (yes, ALL) the doctors and dentists in the United States along with "vital" information about their speciality, office hours, visit policies and so forth. You might even be able to read some "reviews" about the clinician you are considering.

For example, I should have used the site to check out my new-ish internist. I would have discovered earlier on in the process that while she's got a great "bedside manner," her office tends to be pretty poor about follow-up. Plus, I would have figured out earlier to bring more than one book while waiting for my appointment.

If you're thinking about a new doctor because your insurance plan changed or you just need a change, you should definitely check out the site - and read my article about the company's ongoing strategy.