Sunday, July 15, 2012

Worried about a loved one who lives afar? Mobile tech could help

Thinking about some health issues related to an elderly family member of mine, when I remember this piece from USA Today earlier this year about mobile devices for helping monitoring toddlers or senior citizens with conditions such as Alzheimer's that might prompt them to wander.

The primary thread is that sensors, accelerometers or even just the location technology in a mobile phone could give use new ways to keep tabs on those who we worry about.

Some of the companies serving this market:

  • Omnilink, which combines a tiny sensor that can be inserted into an Alzheimer's patient's shoes with the Comfort Zone Web-based application for monitoring 
  • AmberWatch GPS, which can be clipped to a children's backpack
  • BioHarness, which monitors vital signs and sends them to doctors
  • Exmobaby, a onesie that will include smart technology for tracking infants while they sleep