Sunday, June 24, 2012

App makes iPad simpler for seniors

I have a pile of items that I want to write about here on Technophile, but since my first obligation is to writing things that will pay my bills, I have to resort to sneaky Sunday evening blogging sessions.

Couldn't resist this quick follow-up to the last post about tech-savvy seniors, since it involves an iPad application called Family Ribbon that was developed specifically for the 65-and-older demographic.

The idea behind Family Ribbon is that it offers an interface that helps people manage different applications, including Family Facebook, Picasa and Flickr albums, and the Skype video-calling features. There's a remote administration feature so that family members can help manage the application and the user's accounts. And, when was the last time you downloaded an app that came with a printed use guide? Well Family Ribbon comes with one that can be printed out.

"Our initial goal was to make connecting online as easy as possible for our parents -- and ourselves," said Family Ribbon CEO Ivan Osadchiy, in a statement. "Then we came across research that suggested that social connections and brain stimulation from going online are great for our parents' health."

You can buy Family Ribbon for $4.99 until July 1; after that, the regular price goes up to $9.99. You can evaluate a demonstration version for free called Family Ribbon Light.

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  1. Hi Heather,

    We also make a similar app called Postcards - it's a little different from Family Ribbon, it has a simpler feature set and less buttons. It's also free to download and use at the moment! You can see more at, if you're interested.

    Thanks for spreading the word about these ideas, I think they'll all help a lot of people keep in touch with their families.