Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good Riddance to 2011, I Am Super Excited About 2012

It is so predictable that I would neglect my writing duties here at Technophile. I have that classic Catholic guilt thing (or is that lapsed Catholic) of tending to put everyone else's to-do's ahead of my own.

My 2012 resolution will be to find my "voice" for this Technophile soap-box (does anyone under 20 understand that reference?) The quiet holiday week has been a great time to really refine the choices I make about the commentary I am writing for CBS Interactive and

As I prepare to greet some visiting family, I am thankful for the opportunities that some really great editors have given me this year. I still pinch myself at least once a week, marveling at the fact that I get to write about the subject that drives my curiosity above all else: how technology can transform business and culture.

That, indeed, is exactly what I write about for my three daily columns. GreenTech Pastures is about the power of technology to minimize the impact of communities, countries and companies on the environment. Small Business Matters focuses on the technologies that can help smaller companies either cut their operational costs or grow their revenue. Business Brains (part of SmartPlanet) celebrates the potential of technology to transform business processes and business models. Here at Technophile, I tend to get a bit more personal. For me, one of the most fascinating subjects to consider is how the next generation will approach their careers and personal lives, especially in a culture profoundly transformed by mobile technology.

My perspective has been sharpened seriously by my newest, ongoing writing gig as a news analyst for I am grateful to the editorial team there for providing me with the opportunity to get much more intimately acquainted with the sort of business reporting I was doing at my very first job as a Business Writer for United Press International.

If I schedule it, I will do it. That's why I'm pledging to make a visit here every Monday, even if it is to pay homage to the best technology analysis or news story that I've read that day. Hey, I may even drop by more frequently, now that I am almost 100 percent dedicated to freelance news writing and commentary.

From my keyboard to the Allmighty's in-box.