Friday, March 11, 2011

What your email address says about you

This one had special relevance for me, because I have FIVE (yes, that's right, FIVE) active email addresses. THREE of them are truly active, in that I receive numerous emails (and spam) in those inboxes every day. TWO are sorta active; I have them because I am part of groups on Yahoo and Google. That isn't even counting the FOUR (yep, FOUR) that certain of my clients and business partners have required me to set up and monitor from time to time.

So I disclose all of this by way of introducing this fun post about a new study that purports to reveal what your email address says about you. Turns out that people who use Gmail addresses sport more techno tendencies than those who use AOL. The "research" cited by this blog even goes so far to suggest that people who use AOL and Yahoo! email addresses are more likely to be women AND more likely to be overweight than their Gmail counterparts. I can see you rolling your eyes. Actually, what AOL addresses tell me is that someone has been on email for a longer time than someone on Gmail and hasn't bothered to try converting their address.

Still, worth a read if you use your email for work purposes, because an AOL address apparently cares some not-so-flattering stereotypes these days.

Back to my situation, which is borne of my desire to try to keep my work and personal accounts separate. Not to mention the account I use mainly for my hobby. One day, I hope to get down to just one or two, but I don't see that happening until spam filters and email filtering agents get a lot smarter.