Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hard to remain emotionally detached

So, I'm at the inaugural conference for SXSW Eco this week in Austin, Texas, this week. I had the privilege of seeing Philippe Cousteau Jr. speak yesterday, and will report on his talk on SmartPlanet for Monday. Need to sort through the new investment/financing program being started byEarthEcho that he announced at the end of his speech. (Cousteau Jr.'s big thing is helping get youth involved in ocean conservation efforts.)

Anyway, I was reminded of what a sap I can be, when he played a brief video clip that shows the decline of the coral reefs in the marine park off the Florida Keys. Got kind of teary-eyed.

I should mention that I am a diver. The sort of diver who becomes more and more addicted to the activity with every minute of downtime that I log. Still trying to decide whether my dive with the whale shark in Hawaii OR my dive with an entire school of reef squid off Roatan (Honduras) was my favorite.

Being teary-eyed during a conference keynote is not good when you're supposed to remain objective about what you are covering. Another reason to spend a couple of days -- rather than a couple of hours -- sorting through my notes.